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Henry Muller

Henry Muller

A big, warm welcome to new Jack Black Ambassador… surfer, shaper, runner and cyclist, Henry “Chomper” Muller!

What is it that connects Jack Black to our Ambassadors & each other? The common thread running through it all is pure passion. A passion for life, for your community, for communities out side of your community, for adventure, for your craft, your planet and yes, passion for your beer! Henry (AKA Chomper) has this thread of passion running through every facet of his life, he lives & breathes it everyday.


Whether it’s shaping incredibly beautiful surfboards with his company, Chomper Surfcraft, or out enjoying the waves, heading out on cycling adventures, hitting up the trails, or giving back to underserved communities, Chomper is living a passionate life.

Chomper 2

We also share a passion for quality, making the best quality beer possible is everything to us and the same goes for Chomper with his shaping, “ I don’t really want to make a lot of boards I just want to make some really good ones. One of my favourite sayings is by a shaper from Hawaii and it basically says, it’s not about how many you do but rather how well you do them. So my focus has always been quality. I really just want to make the best surfboards I can, with the available materials we have in this country.”

Born & bred in Cape Town, Chomper was actually a professional downhill skateboarder before he started surfing. He was SA Champ in 2016 and took part in the international circuit, until a knee injury & surgery took him out of action. After the rehab & healing phase, he decided to get into surfing & shaping boards came along with it.

If you’re interested in finding out more about his boards, check ‘em out HERE and more about Henry, HERE.

We’re super pumped to have Henry as a part of the Jack Black Family & we look forward to sharing many adventures and ice cold Jack Black’s together in the future. Cheers Chomper!

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