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Robbie Rorich

Robbie Rorich

When we first met Robbie he was sitting on the grass quaffing cold beers after conquering the 35km leg of the 2017 Ultra Trail Cape Town. He was virtually glowing despite having run across a notoriously rough mountain range in what looked like flip flops – at mind blowing speed!

Running in a tie-dye t-shirt and sandals we couldn’t help but wonder – who is this guy?! But as we got to know him, we understood his approach to the trails was completely connected to his inescapable fascination with ‘movement in nature’.

This connection brings him out to the mountain regularly, sometimes alone, often with a team from Run 2 Lead. At its simplest level, Run 2 Lead is a running club giving under-privileged athletes access to events and gear without which their progress in the sport would be hindered. But this is a club where running isn’t just about winning – it’s about living a better life.

Robbie on the grass

“When I’m outside I feel my soul is at home. I’m completely relaxed and know that I’m where I’m meant to be”.

Off the mountain, Robbie furthers this connection through his art. His sculptures and artworks are on display in private collections across the country, for which the sales have raised enough money to buy textbooks and calculators for a second of his outreach initiatives. Under an independent branch of Tutors4Tomorrow, Robbie voluntarily tutors Grade 10 maths to 40 pupils, along with his group of friends from UCT – where, just by the way, he’s finishing off his Mechanical & Mechatronic Engineering Degree.

Robbie running on a log

After graduating in 2018, Robbie decided that it was time to travel and decided to cycle from Egypt to Cape Town. Setting off with his sister and a few friends they spent the better part of 2019 weaving their way across Africa, studying the different regions, cultures and economies as they went.

Robbie is smart, fast and reminds us that bringing things back to basics is often what makes us feel most connected. Welcome to the team Mr. Rorich! We’re so excited to be part of your story.

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