The project represents a lot more than what meets the eye. Getting out there, away from the busyness and the cell signal – being present in the task at hand, everything else just sort of erodes away. The process holds relevance to so many people in their own unique way.

At the end of the day it’s only an old caravan with a wooden roof over it, sure it will evolve and improve but it’s not about the external validation of having a second home or the achievement. It’s always been about pouring my heart into a tangible project that represents so much of what is actually important to me.

This August marks one year since we started and although I’m not so sure of the intended outcome; I’ve been working on a small newspaper print design to carry the imagery, sketches and story of the project to date.


A big thank you to Simon for sharing these magical stories with us. Follow more of Simon’s inspiring Adventures on Instagram, and stay in touch with the Sarara Foundation here. All images and copy supplied by Simon Pocock.