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Crews Unite: A CT Running Collaboration

Crews Unite: A CT Running Collaboration

At Jack Black, we're all about celebrating that finish line feeling - whether it's the end of a project, a work week, or a community run -  when it comes to that rad feeling of celebrating a finish line, we're here for it!

As far as recreational activities go, you know we've got a soft spot for running. Mostly because of the amazing communities that surround it. Over the last 5 years, the running scene has exploded in Cape Town, on the trails, the tracks and the roads in between. And the vibes. Well, you just have to experience those for yourself. What if we told you there was a way to experience it, multiplied by four? New to Cape Town and open for all to join is the monthly collab run known as Crews Unite. 

This awesome initiative brings together four independent running clubs; Must Love Hills, Cool Runnings, Stellies Shake Out and Adidas Runners. While each week these dedicated groups train separately, fostering a strong sense of community within their own circles, once a month they unite! Crews Unite is a collaborative run, a chance for these passionate runners to come together, share their love for the sport, and push each other to new heights.

We chatted to organiser, local legend and Jack Black Ambassador Mike Obery, for the inside scoop.

What inspired you to start the collaboration running crew 'Crews Unite'?

The Running community is big in Cape Town and we wanted to a way to bring us all together outside of a race or an event, whilst still running and training. It’s also a chance to see what other crews are getting up to.

How often do you meet? And where?

Once a month a specific crew will host one of their normal sessions and the other crews join in. Stellies Shakeout happens on a Thursday whilst Adidas Runners train Monday so it just depends which crew is hosting that month.

What do you think the future of Crews Unite looks like?

Hopefully bigger with more crews participating. Something that new runners look forward to.

How does being part of Crews Unite motivate people to chase their running goals?

You’re definitely going to find someone at your fitness level, chasing the same goal as you, whether it’s a 5km or 100km. A new PB or a furthest distance goal. You could find your new running bestie you never knew you needed. But damn, you’re going to have a good time and we’re going to show you just how fun the people in these crews can be.


Do you have initiatives to give back to the local community through 'Crews Unite'?

Each of the crews have the various CSI projects and the goal is to highlight those projects or charities and then support them on that run. So, the more people attending, the more we can raise towards that given charity.

Last but not least, just how good does an ice cold Jack Black taste at the finish line? 

Come now, is this even a serious question? There's nothing like an ice-cold Jack Black after a run, but besides being refreshing, it’s a chance for the crews to interact with a coldy and chat about the run, what they've been getting up to, and just to  socialize. 

So, that's the story on Crews Unite! It's a pretty cool way to mix things up in your running routine, meet new people, and maybe even discover a hidden gem of a route you wouldn't have found on your own.

Whether you're a Cape Town veteran with your favorite crew or a newbie looking for a tribe, Crews Unite is all about good vibes and shared experiences. So next time you're feeling the itch to explore some new running routes with a seriously great bunch of people, check them out. We guarantee you'll have a blast, not to mention a thirst-quenching Jack Black beer to celebrate. Happy trails!

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