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Pint for a Purpose: The Last Shark

Pint for a Purpose: The Last Shark

Pint for a Purpose isn’t just a campaign; it's a movement fuelled by our passion for making a positive impact in South Africa. Without community, we wouldn’t be where we are today, and we started this initiative a few years ago when founders Meg and Ross were overwhelmed by the support of their newly built Taproom. In short, the proceeds from every pint poured from our Pint for a Purpose tap will go directly to an organisation doing incredible work and making real change.

Our Pint for a Purpose for the months of May, June and July will be The Last Shark Documentary, an environmental conservation movement committed to removing the shark nets along South Africa's coast and protecting Great White Sharks.

With over 200 shark and ray species, the South African coastline represents one of the most unique and biodiverse regions in the world. In 2003, Gainsbaai alone brought in over 4.4 million USD for Great White Shark diving tourism. However, on the eastern coast of South Africa, since 1952 the "shark nets" on the tourist beaches of KwaZulu Natal have resulted in the culling of sea life and a profound decline in the number of Great White Sharks remaining in the wild. 

 "The Last Shark" documentary film is about bringing our relationship with The Great White Sharks of South Africa into balance. Their vision is to highlight the ecological importance of this coastline and the biodiversity that inhabits it and how removing the shark nets can help endangered shark populations and increase ecotourism and research across South Africa. You can watch the movie trailer here.

Join as at Jack Black's Taproom for a Pint for a Purpose, and proceeds from your pint will go towards supporting this very special & crucial organisation.


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