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UTCT : Reflecting on an unforgettable event

UTCT : Reflecting on an unforgettable event

As we close off yet another incredible chapter in the book that is UTCT, we can't help but reflect on what an amazing few days it was, only made possible by the coming together of an insanely dedicated, talented and passionate community - one that we're honored to be a part of - on and off the course.

"UTCT is a celebration of all things that resonate within the trail community. We're celebrating life, breaking down perceived barriers, and having the support of people around us to help us do those things.

Jack Black is a part of that community and for that we are eternally grateful. Celebrating that moment across the finish line wouldn’t feel the same without an ice cold Jack Black.”

 – Stuart McConachie, UTCT Director, Jack Black Ambassador

The UTCT event wrapped up in epic style, leaving the trails buzzing with stories of triumph and camaraderie. Adrenaline-pumped runners navigating Cape Town's wild landscapes, braving the elements, and creating everlasting memories have the sounds of cowbells still ringing nostalgically in our ears. From the starting line to the final, triumphant strides and swig of ice cold Jack Black beer at the finish line, every action displayed tales of grit and determination. As the dust settles, the memories of UTCT linger, a testament to the unwavering spirit of trail running junkies and the unbeatable charm of Cape Town's rugged beauty.

A heartfelt thank you to each and every one of you who supported Shoes 4 Good. Your generosity and willingness to donate your old running shoes truly blew us away. We're absolutely stoked with the response and the incredible number of shoes that were given. Your contributions will make a significant difference, stepping up for a better world, one pair at a time. Keep spreading the goodness, keep running the extra mile, and let's continue making strides together! Cheers to all you amazing souls out there!  🍻🏃✨


Photography: Zac Zinn, Jess Meniere & Devin Paisley.

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