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What is Pint for a purpose?

What is Pint for a purpose?

Pint for a Purpose.

Pint for a Purpose is a program straight from the heart of Jack Black. We get so many questions around the initiative – we thought it was high time to spill the hops on what it is, how it started, and where it’s going.  

Pint for a Purpose isn’t just a campaign; it's a movement fueled by our passion for making a positive impact in South Africa. Without community, we wouldn’t be where we are today, and we started this initiative a few years ago when founders Meg and Ross were overwhelmed by the support of their newly built Taproom. Their passion for community and environment sparked the flame that became Pint for a Purpose to start supporting all the incredible organizations around us.

We believe in giving back to our communities, and that's where you come in. By ordering a pint through our dedicated tap, you're not only toasting to good times; you're making a difference.

Over the years we've partnered with incredible organizations like Sentinel Ocean Alliance, Protect the West Coast, Greenpop, Volunteer Wildfire Services, NSRI, Soil for Life, Nine Miles Project, Be Moved, and Friends of Table Mountain among others. Each pint supports these heroes working tirelessly for our planet and communities.

We’re on a journey, one pint at a time, so come on and join us in celebrating the spirit of community, purpose, and great beer.

Cheers to cold beer and good vibes!

Watch our video here.

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